June 19, 2013


Why do I keep adding stuff?
This artist is in .... UNACCEPTABLE ... CONDITIOOON!!!
One MILLION years dungeon!


  1. So dumb questions coming...

    What's with the squares on the pics with the green background?

    Also, did you mosiac some of your own pics, lol?

    I feel that sceenshot must be what your nightmares must look like, your artworks everywhere, YOU CAN NEVER ESCAPE!!!

    You know what'll help, more video games.... Fire up your ps3, it won't judge you...

    1. I think he might be trying to be a tease or something. Cause one of those is the one he's doing for me.

    2. The checkers are the Photoshop background pattern. Those parts of the image are transparent.
      I mosaiced some of the stuff because it's not in my hands to show that stuff to people. I mean, I'm not contractually bound or nothin, of course, but I just wanna be on the safe side.
      I don't have nightmares, really, because I'm taking shit way too easy all the time. It's basically impossible for me to stress out over something. That's why I try to create artificial pressure on me all the time. But it's not working. Obviously.
      If I had nightmares though, they'd be about chaos/a chaotic situation/out-of-control-ness, because I'm a very logically thinking guy and I don't like it when my calculations of other people's behaviour and reactions are wrong. Like, if something happens that's just pointless, for example. I totally hate that.

  2. carleyclem.psd

    I love you.


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