June 24, 2013

Kung Fu Panda Visual Novel?! Nope.

Here's the deal. There will be no KFP H-game from me! Why would you assume that?!

Oh, you didn't?
I never even let on about anything like that?
You would have never jumped to a conclusion like that, based on nothing at all?

Well. I guess you were right about it then.

So, what am I even talking about?
Here's the thing: I kind of had an idea for a Kung Fu Panda h-game the other day. I doodled some designs and I really liked the character I designed, who's a new Kung Fu style in the KFP universe, which would be the dragon style (at least afaik that one doesn't exist in canon). Dragon style, in fact, is actually more popular than other styles of the furious five (like monkey, for example) but I guess they took out dragons because they're mythical creatures. And also because the title 'Dragon Warrior' would be confusing, then.
To me that just screams Dragon OC.
So yeah, the idea I had was to have a new Kung Fu warrior move in to the jade palace. Someone new that the reader could identify with, like Po, but also be a bit more generic. Someone who you could follow in his training of Kung Fu and interaction with the furious 5 and Po, sexin it up with the ladies.
'The ladies' of course would be Tigress and Viper. That's not many ladies, you might think. Whereas 3 is the absolute minimum for most h-games, some of them, like my all-time favourite, the Rance-series even having a fucking shitton of them, I never really understood the trend to get more bland, shitty characters in most games and focus on quantity instead of quality.
So, yeah, what I had in mind was using these already established characters to their fullest, really concentrate on the characters and have them react to the changes that you - the player - would hopefully bring to the palace.
So yeah. That's my rough concept idea for my very own h-game.
I just wanted to share the idea.

But, no. I'm not gonna do that.
I have started new project after new project without finishing anything. This has GOT to stop!
I will finish the fetish comic, I will finally finish some of my work and maybe during the summer break I will look into this again and write a few scenes without trying to do too much artwork and then I'll fail all of my exams as usual and then you guys will have to wait another year until I produce ANYTHING again, because the next break I will spend entirely with the PS4.
And THEN it's only 1 or 2 more years til I can go to an art college and finally learn how to do the shit right I've been trying and failing to do these past few years.

APROPOS BREAK: Sorry that the fetish comic's kinda slow right now. I took a short break. New pages will be coming eventually.

There won't be a game.
Here are some pictures of my game:


  1. You seem to put a lot of thought into this, cool...

    1. I always have these ideas that are basically fully formed and thought out in my dreams or when my mind isn't occupied with anything else. It's like bursts. Most of the time the problem is remembering them. Which is why I did those designs real quick.

  2. Do what you want.
    No one here complains about the unfinished works, we simply let you do as you please, and for one reason, and one reason alone.
    Everything you do is a masterpiece in itself.
    You keep putting yourself down, and yet you are already a great artist. You simply just...won't accept that.
    So, let your dreams guide you, and let your imagination flow, even in the face of mockery.
    For it is you who makes you, and no one else.
    And the people here, who follow you, who look at all you've done, like you for who you are, for what you do and how you do it.


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