June 16, 2013


So I did replay and finish the last of us...
What can I say, I love video games...
and I gotta say, this game is fucking ...

I didn't like it! In fact I would of even decreased my previous rating of 7/10 to 6/10 if not for the multiplayer, which is kind of fun. For example, I once got downed the same moment I downed an enemy. When downed you can move and wait for a revive or be executed, so we both kinda scurried around each other  trying to get to our respective teammates and also trying to block the others path. That was a hilarious moment.
Beautiful visuals don't make a shitty story and shitty character development any good.
7/10, would rather replay the walking dead again.
The walking dead was fucking awesome. I'm so excited for the next 'season'.


  1. Damn, this week's pages are fucking great...

    Page 2, first panel, dat face... Damn... Just damn...

    Can't wait for new pages... :3

    Last post you said you spent 80$, so I assume you got the season pass, too... Now that you finished it, do you recomend it, or should I wait for a price drop, or should I even bother... More importantly, what do you think of the DLC coming out for Walking Dead...

    Also, I'm halfway thru Gunnerkrigg... Well maybe not halfway, wherever Ch.20 is... It's great... I'm gonna do anther reading session right now...

    (BTW i did 'research' so I wouldnt seem like a tool, I know of the four ' heroines': two are from the weekenders, one is from avatar, but I dont where 'Lin' is from? If you did mention it in any previous posts, im gonna look like a bigger tool...)

    Oh, its too late, but INCOMING WALL OF TEXT!!!

    1. Lin is Toph's daughter from legend of Korra.

      I definitely recommend the last of us. It's a fucking neat GAME, but it's trying to be story driven and even character driven, and it is really bad at that. The story is clumsy, the characters are painfully underdeveloped and it just seems like the beautiful visuals and spore-zombie idea were the actual game pitch and the characters and story were just thrown in there as an afterthought(as it is with way too many post-apocalyptic franchises).
      The gameplay and stuff is great, tho.
      If you had to choose between this and arkham city for the sneaking or bioshock infinite for the escort mission or walking dead for the apocalypse DEFINITELY don't pick the last of us, but if you just want it for your collection and you have some money in your pocket you wanna gat rid of then I recommend it. You can see that it had a good lot of effort put into it and the gameplay is rather good.

      I don't know if there even is a season pass. I mean, I bought the special edition and I didn't even get to play the game on the 'survivor' difficulty even after finishing it in hard mode, so there's a whole lot of shit I'll never get, like Ellie in a jumpsuit, which you can unlock by finishing survivor mode. A lot of fucking bullshit in this game.

      But that's just my personal opinion.
      I fucking hated it.

      DLC for walking dead? Isn't the walking dead kinda dlc itself? But, yeah, of course I'm gonna buy that. I will buy every walking dead episode ever. I want this game franchise to go on FOREVER!
      Srsly, telltale. Do it. Come on. Do it. Do it. forever. doit.cummon.doit.

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  2. I could Print the characters out, Put them on Popsicle sticks, and Put on a Popsicle stick show every day. Until I die at least.


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