June 05, 2013

SHOCKING development

Wanted to do more but I have to write a presentation for tomorrow and I haven't even started yet.
So, this next fetish is electroshocks and stuff. I KNOW the poll demands rape, but I had this one kinda planned already and rape woulda needed more buildup. So the next one will be rape unless you guys change your minds about that. Also, I'm thinking about putting in yet another new character. Probably a DC character like batgirl or summin.
ALSO, I don't actually know what current and voltage might be used in the scene, so I looked up what's fatal and halved it to get my current. Then I realized that with 50 mA i could probably really amp up the voltage into the tens of thousands, but I already drew the power source and as crude as it is it looks like it can only put out the laboratory standard of, what, about 30 V / 3 A? So, I guess I could draw a hi-V transformer attached to it and really "amp" up the voltage, but then the current would be too low, since the power source only has an output of 3 A, which could give me a Voltage in the thousands, but not in the tens/hundreds of thousands. 
But I wanna see sparks!
So here's the thing:
Do ANY of you guys HAPPEN to know what devices and outputs are used for electroshocks in bdsm?
I kinda wanna know, just out of curiosity, but I couldn't find anything on google.
If anyone happens to be interested in that and knows it, please tell me. Thanks.

OOOOOOR we could just, yknow, not give two shits about that. Which is way easier.

OF COURSE I know that venture bros is back and I do intend to deliver some 34 of it.
Here's a sketch:
Also a sketch of a Batgirl picture:
And OF COURSE I'm also gonna draw some more gunnerkrigg IT'S STILL HAPPENING stuff.
And OF COURSE I'm still working hard on getting my act together. I know it doesn't seem like it, but I'm really trying my hardest.

ALSO ALSO ALSO : After the break some httyd watersports outlines I wanted to finish for ages until I decided 'screw it!' (It's a parody -in the loosest possible way- of the scene in which ruffnut and tuffnut are fighting over a shield. And hiccup is quoting the movie also):


  1. please bring back clem

  2. Incoming wall of text....

    Lol, TL;DR on electric talk... :3

    Fuck, since I browse your blog in mobile view, I wasn't aware of the list...

    (Incoming dicksucking) Dat list, I fucking love you... I wanna smell you... I originally had doubts when you mentioned this list of fetishes a couple of months ago... Now, I am impressed with that list and I am excited to see what comes from this...

    I googled a bunch of these... I voted a coupled, (seperate times, I read the text on the side) I hope they went through... Pedovestism (lol vest), excessive cum (you can never have enough cum), trap (i love dicks and sissy boys in girl clothes), and my suprise favorite one wrestling (cause LOLWRESTLING and I loves to watch me wrastling and im right now watch RAW on my DVR)... I agree with you about the rape fetish, you need build up for that one or else it's a bleh... (so articulate)

    @Anon-kun: But Clem is in the other dimension with Zombie Lee... It's was a happy ending... Also, being anon is boring, you sign up and be a weirdo like me....

    I started reading Gunnerkrigg so I can understand your 34 of it, I got a lot to go... (It's Gunnerkrigg Court, right, if not im wasting my time...)

    All right enough ass-kissing this hour... :3

    1. Wrestling kinda meens greek olympic wrestling to me. Like, naked, oily bodies. But I guess mexican Luchador wrestling might be fun, too. American wrestling being kinda the same I might just include that for the heck of it. But as for the fetish-quality I thought it was implied it was naked bodies rubbing together n shit, yknow.

      Gunnerkrigg Court,yeah. Of course I think EVERYONE should read that. It has a VERY slow start artwork wise, but it's just fantastic now. Not only one of the best webcomics I've ever read, but also one of the best comics I've ever read.

      About Clem: I mentioned maybe bringing back Clem for seconds in the future to compensate for me taking my sweet ass time finishing a walking dead picture I've been sitting on for months. Maybe I'll do something with branching paths or something. We'll see.

      Pedovestism is not so much intersting to me as homeovestism. I'm imagining Toph wearing girly clothes or something. Much better than wearing diapers or whatever. (which would be the only reasonable form of that fetish, since everyone in the comic right now (Tigress excluded - I chose to simply ignore her for the time being) is already a chi- *cough* *cough* OVER THE AGE OF 18!!*cough* ... and their clothes are already pedovest~...ist(?). Yeah. So that one is either gonna amount to diapers or is only gonna be used when I bring in older characters (Like Batgirl, maybe))

    2. Hey, wait, I wanted to see the chicks (btw I'm not sure if I mentioned, I have no idea who they are) in your comic currently wrestle, not muscle-bound meatheads, I'm not that ghey.... :3

      Homeovestism is perfect, I just wanna see cute girly clothes... Fuck diapers, I take back Pedovestism...

  3. Also, I take back my wrestling vote, if involves anything greek or dudes...

    That is a great recomendation if I ever heard one, I really wanna finish gunnerkrigg now....

    DAAAWWW... I wanna see Clem in a girly outfit... :3

    I forgot on my original comment, nice pictures this week.

    Good luck on your assignments... And make sure ypu eat and get your sleep... I'll be rooting for you from outside your window near your trash cans...

    (yes im still digging through your trash) :3

  4. Wait, you have more walking dead art coming? More clem?

    I love you forever always.

  5. I love you and your free art, thanks... :3

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