July 27, 2013

The Invincible Bondaged Dead of Kung Fu and Ninja

It's been a while since my last update.
I got a few things for  you guys.

First of all, after the weekend I will pick up work on the fetish comic. The next fetish will be anal. The site that hosts the poll seems to be offline or something. But it was anal the last time I checked. I'm just gonna go and make this a huge insertions anal. Because Toph.
Anal was followed by rape, which I'll delay until an opportunity to bring it up in the story arises(which is why I'll probably introduce yet another character (Tigress is still being ignored). I kinda want to have someone a little older this time. I got a suggestion for Jeanne d'Arc (not the Clone High one, the real one) I would also suggest Astrid or Ruffnut or Zonja from Ronal the barbarian (which is a very obscure, but not too unfunny movie parodying Conan and other barbarian fiction) or a DC superheroine. So yeah, the next choice seems to be all warrior-types so far, so why not make it official?

The next character will be a warrior-type girl.

Give your own suggestions in the comments and stuff to see your favourite character have badly drawn sex! YAY!

Also, here is a picture of Lee kissing Clementines feet:

And some pics of Master Viper, because we need more Viper 34:

I like the bondage and asphyxiation pictures, because with an alien body like Viper's you can go all out being creative. Coiling around objects, tying the body into a knot and such. I love it. These two are probably two of my greatest favourites out of all the pictures I ever did, even though I didn't put much effort into them.
I'm probably gonna colour these two someday.

Next there's the Visual Novel thing.
I switched programs from Novelty to RenPy, because I was told novelty is crap.
I wrote drafts for the first few days, worked out a stat-system and made a more detailed draft of the overall concept of the game.
The idea is that you get to have a relatively customizable game that looks like a visual novel (Because Rance).
# So, first things first: Screw the event tree. There won't be one, most events will depend on stats. Stats depend on decisions.
# Because of this there would be a new game+ where you keep your stats to get events that you couldn't/didn't get in the first playthrough. The game should have enough content to last at least 5 to 6 playthroughs (I REALLY love Sengoku Rance).
# Eventually in the story there will be an event that can grant you full control over the jade palace (leaving an open slot to add an upgrade system (not planned yet, though))
# Your stats are based on the 7 virtues of Kung Fu.
# This game (if it ever was to be made) is gonna be awesome!
I could just go ahead and start writing out all the scenes, but right now I still don't really have a lot of free time on my hands. Maybe in a week or two I'll make a post asking you if you'd be interested.


  1. You should do a Httyd girl since a second one is coming out, the trailer looks fucking great. If anyone hasn't seen it http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=68AqHwgk2s8. I also never thought I'd have a mild sexual attraction to a snake before.

    1. Yeah, If I get to see pictures of them grown up before I make a decision I'll totally use them.

  2. Nice work, speaking of not enough viper 34. Theres not enough po and viper stuff.

  3. please don't stop making clem pics. you're one of the best.

  4. Cute Clem pic, I love the eyes you do on females...

    Good luck on your Visual Novel thing...

    My suggestion for female warrior is the female warrior from disgaea series, because (insert smart & clever reason):


  5. Wow we can never have enough Crane/Viper stuff, Looking forward to more of these two from you.

  6. oh does this mean we might get a crane/viper bondage comic?

    1. Well that sucks is there at least an uncensored version of the fourth pic?

    2. I'll do that when I colour it.


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