August 16, 2012

wasting time

I wasted time today. I wanted to draw a picture of Brian Williams making love to a dog, but then I thought "eh, what's the use" and wasted time on nothing instead. Today I sucked harder than anyone in the history of sucking. I feel shitty now. Here, have the picture of random shit n stuff for shits n giggles.
In the upper left corner we can see what appears to be a green boy quite possibly confused about his sexuality singing the sideburns song.
In the lower left corner there is some kind of loli hellspawn with giant green insect eyes that could stare into your soul. The thing is naked, has orange skin and rapunzelesque floating burning hair that grows out the back of its gigantic head. In the middle it seems is the head of a man with a purple wig and large eyes equal in size to those of the orange hell creature from the hellish hellfire of murder death hell.The man has the philosophers stone lodged in his brain, which has given him quite the strange expression on his dead-looking face.

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