August 15, 2012

Viper and Tigress colours

This is how viper and tigress will probably look like when I decide to pick up work on that comic. watch the tigress stream here. I'll start by colouring Tigress' dream (which I never finished, coming to think of it...) and maybe maybe maybe MAYBE move on to the big one. But right now I won't even do Tigress' dream, since I still have to work on the many different other projects I foolishly took on. I'll finish the teen titans comic first, I'll have to finish my part of the borderlands colab set and I'll have to start working on a character design I was assigned to do (two months ago ... yeah, I'm fucking slow, so what) for a german loli project. And yeah, I'm doing my best to fail pretty much every exam by being the laziest fuck I've ever known.
At least the Adventure Time project, which has developed into a major nuisance over time is finally over.

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