August 06, 2012


 I sketched some alien creatures while watching movies. Some silly and or generic and one a little more serious (but still generic) with a bit of a backstory I thought up. The big one with the creepy smile obviously being that one. I thought it up as my take on a horror creature like rawhead rex(which is awesome, especially the art. Let me google a download for you. I've never read the other three, but I'm totally gonna download this myself and read them.), but with a backstory other than "RAAR! I'M EVIL!" so as to make it actually frightening. Because while gore and mindless killing like in ALIEN or stuff like that sure can be disturbing it's missing the actual psychefuck of a good horror. And good horror is missing, well, fucking murdering aliens. So yeah, I got a rough outline of a -in my mind- fairly good story (yeah, rite, as if :D) sitting here and nothing to do with it, just like with that video game idea i had in a dream a few months back. I did some artwork and wrote some stuff and oh, i say, it was jolly good fun it was. I would actually kinda like working on a project like that, but as everyone knows, I'm not that good with projects, because that'd involve work. Work is hard. So, yeah, I'm never gonna do that. What I AM gonna do however is a livestream where you can watch me paint this alien without any idea of it's colours and little practice in painting that kind of exoskeletony/hard skin stuff. It's surely gonna be not funny, but annoying and boring, since I refuse to actually talk during my streams. I'll be streaming at about 21 hours, pacific standard, which is also the time I have reserved to work on that borderlands colab set I mentioned some time ago, but I never work on that anyway, so, yeah, I suck. :D

Here, have an example of the greatness that is Clive Barker's Rawhead Rex: (Shrinked down for all the pussies who can't take a little gore. You're not a pussy are you? Click it.)

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