August 02, 2012

This BGM fits to everything. Annoying useless post is annoyingly useless.

 Non-porn alarm! Don't read if you think words are for wusses.

I've always been annoyed at how guile's theme doesn't fit to most dramas.

This BGM does, tho. (I use an equalizer and that made it sound much darker and more serious, so your results may vary.)

Not only does it fit to everything guile's theme fits to, it even goes with slow paced drama as well as  fast paced action. (Again, not necessarily in this form.)
This is how I came across it: I watched a countdown of anime's evillest evil villains by JOtaku (I know, I know, thatguywiththeglasses material, you're so lame bla blah. whatever. I don't like it either, I just wanna educate myself) while playing an rpgmaker game, I thought I muted it but I didn't. The video was one hour and a half long and I had this same bgm on all the time because I quickly got bored of it and directed all my attention to the video. The theme went so well with the video I didn't notice it wasn't part of it until the very end. Then I thought that this theme would go perfect with the joker, then I checked other villains, then random youtube videos. This theme even goes with other music if you time it right and it fits to drama as well. It even made Heath Ledger's performance on the Dark Knight seem like he was actually playing the Joker and not some random insane death metal serial killer who coincidentally wears white facepaint and has a big red smile and green hair.

Oh, I guess I could post some progress and stuff  FROM MY STREAM for those WHO DON'T WATCH MY STREAM.
Nah, I'm just kidding, your shame would never satisfy me. Unless by 'shame' you mean the shame of humiliation by me and by 'you' you mean you, a hot chick under the age of twenty.
In that case your shame could be very satisfying to me.

Not in the recorded stream session. See what you missed?

Most of this is in the stream library, go watch it because of whatever reasons I should give you but am too lazy to think of. :D

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