September 22, 2014

Heeeeeeeeey. Long time no see, guise!

Alright, first:
fetish comic 087
Aaaand I forgot to post page 86, it seems.
fetish comic 086

The poll is now closed.
It is too close to really call, so I'm gonna combine it somehow.
It'll depend on how the comic turns out to progress at that point.
I'd like to have an adult Toph, but that's not set in stone.
Astrid will be back as Astrid, but the choice of her design isn't up to me.
The Weekenders ... I think they have outstayed their welcome, personally, but if you want them to stay I guess they will. Iunno. I'll think about it.

And then there's many Gunnerkrigg pics from /co/. I might have forgotten some, but these are the ones I could find:

And then there's some guro of Gunnerkrigg eating Annie and Astrid getting eaten and beaten, just for good measure:

So, I've been reading Jojo, but part 3 is fucking lame.
Any Jojo fans here who might help me out?
I wanna read more of it, but it looks like most of the rest of the series embraced that stupid "stand" idea that takes away all of Jojo's character and charme and individuality and makes it boring and bland and generic instead. So I really don't wanna read part 3. Can I skip it?

Lastly, I will also finaly be done with the stupid next panel of that Astrid comic strip in a few hours. One day MAX. I'll do it.


  1. The gunnerkrigg guro is so scary. I like the how to train you dragon guro a bit more though. Also what is this astrid comic?

  2. A comic strip I can't get myself to finish. It's one of the free commissions that I still haven't finished. And when I'm finally done with it there'll be another one.

    1. Couldn't find the astrid comic. Know where I can find it?

    2. That's because it's not a comic, it's just a comic strip.
      And of that there's stll only one panel.
      I can't even manage to finish the second.
      I don't know why.

  3. The grinckle is kinda cute


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