August 19, 2014

No time, tho.

fetish comic 084

fetish comic 085
Guess what?
Yah, no Astrid panel again.
No, this is not some stupid running gag, I just genuinely don't have any time. Same for next week and probably the week after.
I might not even be able to draw the fetish comic in the coming weeks.

 Blah  blah blah,
Hentaifoundry policy change.
Poll's in the upper left corner.
Good night


  1. in my opinion if you dont want to change it dont do it, just censored it and send a link here or create a pixiv dont let censorship change what you like. unless you want to change it then do it but the only opinion that truly matters in the end is yours is your art and its just art so let it flow the way you want

    1. Thanks for your concern. :)
      I do already have a pixiv.
      I might give out the link the next time I post here.
      The poll kind of already decided that we'll scrap the weekenders when the current plotline is over and give Toph and Astrid their older appearances. Which is something I'm excited for as well.
      I've been wanting to get adult characters into the comic anyway, so this works out perfectly.
      I'll probably make another poll to decide who should replace the weekenders.

    2. ugh... decent weekenders 34, and decent, WELL DRAWN loli toph is super freaking rare. and now they're gonna be replaced here too.

      even if you replace the weekenders, I bet their going to be replaced by adults now too because HF censored loli/shota right? that's practically bending over to censorship.

      you poll on who'll replace them and your fearmongered fans will surely suggest nothing loli. No more variety. No more freedom of expression. Why don't we just vote all the characters replaced by grandmothers. That way they're 100% censorship proof.

    3. Well, that's why I made the poll.
      I would never pussy out because of any censorship. I just thought it would be a good reason to change things up a bit.
      And just because the weekenders get replaced doesn't mean they get replaced by non-loli.
      I'll make another poll for that and what'll happen with Kat.
      That's just how this comic works.

      But thanks for appreciating the artwork.
      You're welcome to vote multiple times, as well, if you want. Everyone can.


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