July 24, 2014

I guess I could use a blog for what it's actually for, for once.

Instead of waiting to finish stuff to post here I'm just gonna make a simple post about what's going on right now with me and art and everything.
Huh, what? That was possible?
How I even? Whu-? No waaay!

So, as you all know, I'm complete shit at art.
I don't even know why even a single person would read my blog or get a good ol' stiffy at anything I draw or even just so much as enjoy my artwork.

Because I'm still learning.
In fact, not even that, because I have the discipline of a dirty washcloth, whatever that is even supposed to mean.
I don't do much, is what I'm getting at.
Sometimes, because the motivation's not there, sometimes because I think I'm even more terrible than I actually, objectively am, sometimes because I'm just flat out lazy and rather the destiny beta than drawing for hours and discarding everything because it looks like shit.
Which is decent, by the way.
Only decent, because of the effed up multiplayer, but I REALLY LOVED the story bits we got. The opening scene had a real 2001 feel to it and it was just GORGEOUS. If the amount of cutscenes doesn't disappoint, then Destiny will be able to get a better prom date than it's cousin Borderlands, maybe even be crowned Prom Queen, then it will have the best 4-5 years of it's life in college and get a degree in art history or philosophy or whatever shit is easy to come by, but then realize that it doesn't really have a goal in life, get a boring job and wallow in the melancholy of it's glory days in the face of being destined to mediocri-
Where the fuck am I going with this?
Stupid analogy aside - wait, what am I talking about? Actually, that's probably gonna be a very fitting analogy.
Okay, awesome analogy aside, Destiny seems to be a GREAT game, which doesn't at all seem like Borderlands when you're actually playing it. Granted, that can be a good or bad thing, but I guess we will only be able to find out which one it is once it's released.
It's all gonna stand and fall with the story for me.
If the Cutscenes and the voice acting keep up the way they were presented in the beta then I think it would be safe to say that pretty much everyone will like this game.
If instead it decides to bank on it's multiplayer, then they will have a very hard time trying to compete with Borderlands from what I've seen so far in ko-op, because the stuff I've seen so far isn't bad, but it barely even manages to keep up with the less interesting areas of Borderlands, and if we're talking pvp, then ...
... then just forget it.
PVP is pretty awful.
It's bland and has nothing that other games do not do better.
That's just the way it is.
I might not be the best to judge it, however, since I'm pretty bad at it.
I'm not particularly fond of those phoned in bullshit pvp modes that only serve to make you think you get your money's worth in the game (Bioshock pvp, Last of Us pvp? Really?).
It's horrible and needs to stop.
Like, seriously.
But I'm not THAT bad at pvp games that actually handle pvp well.
I was pretty good at Battlefield and -front, and at the AMAZING pvp of Lost Planet 2.
But this one, for some reason, I suck at.
That is, I know the reason. The tank on the moon map. It's bullshit.
Let me explain.
There's a tank on one of the two maps in the beta that can COMPLETELY dominate one of three control points.
In fact, the entire control point is bullshit. It's SURROUNDED by shit that makes it impossible to regain once it is lost to any one side if the other chooses to defend it. A tank, A tower and camping positions everywhere.
And I simply refuse to use such anti-competitive tactics.
Whatever, it's just one base, right? You can still win if you get the other two and defend them, right?
NO. Because the rest of the map is designed in a way that makes it EASY to invade the bases, which means that while those two slots are cycling all the time between teams, the team with control point 'unpenetrable piece of shit annoying ass cheese' wins by raking in steady points.
The other map isn't too bad, but it's also nothing special. Rather 'meh'.
So, yeah, pvp sucks ass.
So, if you're a story fan you probably won't be disappointed, I guess. probably.
We'll have to see, I guess.
Oh, and the level 20 equip we got to see in the beta:
Generic, boring and horrible.
Just horrible.

But the dancing looks cool!!

 Anyhow, another thing I got from the It Hurts!! threads on /co/, besides, yknow, It Hurts!!:
It's not bad. It's pretty fun.
I recommend it.

Ah, yes.
Studying illustration and art.
The reason I'm not gonna do a lot of stuff for a while.
I need to put together my portfolio to get into art school.
That is, I have to MAKE it.
Because I haven't drawn a lot besides porn for the last four years.
And I can't put that stuff in there.
So I gotta pull some character designs and illustrations and paintings out of my ass.
I got a few ideas, obviously, but it'll still require time to actually draw them and get them from my brain-juice onto the general vicinity of the paper-area.
So that'll take some time outta my schedule.
I don't have a schedule.

What I'll still do is everything I promised:
Fetish comic and the Astrid comic strip (now that I have my new computer)
Ah, might as well 'review' the AMD Kaveri that I got.
It's an A10-7850k R7(2gig hypermemory). 12 cores, 4 CPU, 8 GPU, 3.7Ghz.
It's good for games.
Like, REALLY good.
Not so much for what I actually need it.
But at least now I can play minecraft with max settings at <30% CPU usage.
This is a GREAT low-cost gaming APU.
It's what it was developed for, after all.
But is it good for drawing?
It's better than my laptop, which has an 4x2GHz i7.
It should be.
But is it better than my last computer, which was a 6 core 4.something GHz (I don't remember the exact specs)?
I got 16 gig RAM, now, instead of my previous 4, so it's hard to compare, but with even that much more RAM, it seems to perform about the same, so it's probably worse.
And it's not even that much faster than my laptop.
So if you wanna do art, get an intel. It's what all the performance tests on the internet show. I didn't get one because I don't like intel personally, but this thing is really a waste for image and video editing. If you want a cheap gaming setup, get this one. Or the next AMD APU.
It's what powers the PS4, it's good, you'll love it for how cheap it is.

So, I guess that was me telling you what you'd find out after about 5 minutes of looking it up on the internet.

 Anyways, what I originally wanted to say:
Don't expect too much activity from me apart from the weekly fetishcomic and pig-slave astrid pictures in the next weeks.
That is all.
Thank you, have a good day. :)


  1. Good post...

    My only complaint on the beta was the three-man coop limit... I play witj three other people, so Diablo, Borderlands, GTA Online and such... So when we booted up the beta, only PvP (which I agree sucks, only one of us liked it) was available to us... Not sure if three man teams is final, but I'll be bummed if it is...

    BTW, did you play the new Walking Dead episode? So good...

    1. Goddammit.
      How do I never notice when one releases by myself?
      This is starting to get ridiculous.

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