March 16, 2014

Am I the only one?

Hello there, fellas.
You want rape?
The most votes went to Bestiality, Rape, Bondage, Zoophilia, Other and Branding. Since these all fit well together I'm just gonna do them all at once (and I'll think of something for 'other'. I'm aware I missed a lot of fetishes on the list, because this list is largely a cross-ref of actual lists on wikipedia and adult forums and therefore set in reality. I completely forgot to add even the most basic fantasy fetishes like tentacles, monsters, transformation and such. I'll see what I can do about that.).
How's that sound?
fetish comic 067
Rape meeeee!
Also some new stuff:
Paz_Cadena-Blanco Katerina_Donlan Paz Kat HAPPENING
And some old stuff (remember those posts where I said I forgot something? Well, it still seems like I have some stuff somewhere I didn't post yet, but here are 2 pics at least...)
Kat Katerina_Donlan Jenny_Wakeman XJ9
Toph 'training' Lin

 Also a Clementine pic after the jump break because walking dead spoiler alert:

Clementine had bigger


  1. Wouldn't it be awkward if Kenny said "Duck" while Clem was doing this? Imagine how that would go down.

  2. Clem, what are you doing with a sasquatch?


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