December 30, 2013

The show goes on, hopefully without a fiasco

fetish comic 055
fetish comic 056
Kat's having a deja-vu
Alright. I'm gonna get my tablet tomorrow, hopefully, so I'm gonna do a livestream. It's gonna be in about 10 hours from when this was written. No matter whether or not I actually get the thing by then. I'm gonna draw some frozen 34 (btw. I LOVE THAT FUCKING MOVIE!) and some other stuff, including redrawing two of the three lottery winners because I didn't get a response from two. So, if you want to get your stuff drawn right off the bat then check it out.

Gotta delay the stream a bit. Either in 2 hours if the tablet's here by then or in 8 hours if it isn't.
I'm definitely going to do the stream, though.


Had to stop because my computer was being too slow and noone was online anyway. If anyone does happen to want me to stream just write something in the chat to get my attention.
I'll configure the stream and try again later today.

Zia Bastion rule34
Zia from the game Bastion

New winners are aisu and Jimmy Gurdian. Congratulations. I'll send you both an e-mail later.

Just remember when you come up,
the show goes on.

Also, this is old news, but hentai-foundry banned all access to their site from Germany, because our govt.'s on a crusade against porn again, it seems.
Great. No. That's awsum. Rly. Thanks, Germany. U so gud!
Thank you for saving me from the evils of enjoying myself.

But even if they ban us they’ll never slow my plans up!


  1. There are always ways to bypass it, the government can seldom stop it's people from getting what they want from the internet. Also Frozen was fucking hilarious, I loved that Olaf character so much. I was surprised because of how NOT annoying he was for the talking object side character.

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    1. Whatchu thinking of asking for?

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  4. It gives me joy to win the lottery :) I sent you an email with my ideas. I will make more comments now, I do not care if my English is bad XD

    Also, do not paste from Google Translate. It will leave lot of blank space. Sorry delete first comment :D

    Oh, I changed my last name because that is the same as my social network. ooops!

  5. Hey, man... I'm being stupid but what's your email? I'm being dumb and I don't see it anywhere... Mine's if you dont want to the spend time replying... Mostly just to ask questions...

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