December 16, 2013

Reaching their Threshold

Sorry I haven't been posting for quite some time. There was just too much stuff in my way.

New pages:

fetish comic 051
fetish comic 052
fetish comic 053
fetish comic 054

 So, yeah, not much going on. I drew a picture of Toph in Powergirl's costume as per request of some /co/ anon:
baby got BACK

 Also found this in the depths of my artwork folder. Must of done it like a year ago. Gonna post it anyway, because of how obscure a character she is:
Zandra r34

 But the real meat of the all-meat sandwich is that we hit 30 followers. Although I'm actually my own follower, so it would have to be 31 followers to be accurate and I also believe some of them to be dupes, but close enough, so here are the raffle winners as picked by random numbers:
"Zack", "Martin" and "Elizabeth".
I'll be sending them e-mails to avoid any confusion.

Good luck next time for all the less lucky guys who didn't win.

I'm sure I forgot a lot of stuff, but whatever, leaves more for the next post.


  1. I just realized that I left in Tish's copypasted face that I just put there for reference on page 53, panel 3, along with same speechbubble and all.
    I'm gonna leave it there under the guise of comedic effect.
    I is geenus.

  2. lol, someones gonna enjoy their three commissions. Assuming they are the same person.

    1. Naaaah, that would be cheating and unfair to others. People wouldn't do such things.

    2. Your right, Zack is probably legit. But those two others are most likely dupes. Give them it anyway, I'm not complaining.

  3. Yeah...that kinda seems to me like dupes...oh well. I hope I'm luckier next time :(

    1. Well, I haven't gotten a response yet. If I don't get one within two weeks I'll do a redraw. That kind of takes care of the problem of fake accounts automatically. So it's okay.

  4. Cool pages... Also it was around December last year that I found you and started stalking you in the shadows... Been a good year...

    Hope you had a good christmas man...

    1. Very good, in fact. I got my first ever intuos tablet, but they derped out and sent the wrong tablet, now we had to return it and we had to wait because holidays and everything was just a big old bummer. That's what you get for not using amazon...
      But hopefully I'll get my tablet tommorah, maybe I'll do a little art stream in it's honor.


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