October 15, 2013

Widespread Toph

fetish comic 046
Lor's Gone Fishin'
That's all. Just one page. But you're gonna get some stuff next week probably maybe I promise I have no idea perhaps likely.

I forgot I still have some pages left to do for the electro-play thing, but once that's finished we can go straight to Astrid and Tigress.

Last time's song was 'Velvet Embracer' by 'Diablo Swing Orchestra' and while that particular song is not bad it doesn't even come close to their other stuff. These guys have some based fucking shit. And they're pretty versatile, too, so you should definitely check out one or two of their other songs, even if you don't like this one. I just chose this one because it fit.

So yeah. Check them out. They have some fucking amazing stuff.
My favourite's probably 'How to Organize a Lynch Mob' followed by 'Black Box Messiah', but they got so much different great shit that it's hard to decide.
I don't like their full-on metal stuff, tho. I'm not really a metal fan anymore.

This week's is just a quick google find. I didn't know the guys until a few hours ago, but they seem pretty decent.


  1. Like some kind of deep sea voyage going on, I like it.

  2. How come your Clem pages weren't this good?

    1. They were good. I just didn't clean them up.


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