October 22, 2013

If it feels this good getting used ...

So. I have a new page. It's a little bit more sketchy than the last few, but I'm tired right now:
fetish comic 47
keep on using her till you used her up.
gunnerkrigg pre halloween stuff: (don't worry, I WILL do some more Kat Paz 34 before long)
lesbian amputee body_modification halloween gunnerkrigg picture
Also I found two pictures I never posted for some reason:
Ruffnut - piss on it

Sha Koon naked
the one of sha koon I did for the next character in the comic. I posted a Sha Koon head, but that pic was stupid and lame. This was the picture I actually wanted to post. I just forgot what my sha koon pic looked like and I grabbed the first one I found.

Last time's song: Bear's gone fishin' by Widespread Panic
As I said, nothing exciting. Also impossible to know without google.
This time's easy.

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