August 06, 2013

The Past and the Pending (points for anyone who got that reference)

So, here I am, having wasted another day. Somehow, I couldn't do anything today, because I was too tired to even move. Dunno what's going on. I'm probably sick or sumthing. Don't really care. I've been in a very complacent mood lately, anyways. I'm just kind of in the process of accepting the failures in my past, but not yet moving on to the pending.
So, yeah, I'm probably gonna do more comic pages when I'm up and running again.
That means that the new character(s) are bound to be introduced sooner or later.
Which means I should probably present a roster and let you vote or something like that.

I looked at Astrid's older design and ... yeah ... she's older? I guess? They didn't really change her, which made it easy for me to just use Ruffnut's old design, give her slightly longer hair and bigger boobs and be done with it. So, yeah, the httyd girls:

Not really much to say here. The designs are a little bit more complex than Toph's, Kat's or the Weekenderses, but I don't think that'd be a problem.

Next, there's all the other warrior-type characters, like Jeanne d'Arc (her design's in the previous post) and maybe Wonder Woman... Also, maybe a Jedi could be nice (not Ahsoka) or Zonja from Ronal the Barbarian (which I bet none of you have seen or ever will see, so, yay for obscure r34) (or Red Sonja the character I guess she's based on, but I don't know anything about her). So, yeah, that's kinda all I got. I'll put up a poll and hope google fixed that shitty script.
real crappy quick sketch

Also: Acepoll is back up again, but now Bestiality is at the tippy top. That would bring back Tigress into the story once it comes around to that.
So, yeah, look forward to that.


  1. I had an essay written for my comment, but then I said 'fak dis' and erased it...

    I voted... I feel warm and fuzzy inside...

    1. If it was about the warrior from disgea not being an option here are the reasons:

      I never played disgea.
      The roles are just jobs, so they have no personality.
      I don't care much for the design.

      Sorry. :|

    2. Huh, no... I forgot about that... The original comment was about if you were forced to make a non-porn comic, what would it be about, and the other part of the comment was garbage, I had trouble with the wording but I was asking how do you have balls(courage?) to draw nudes and shit... Since the overall subject of my comment had NOTHING to do your post, I found my comment stupid and unproductive I erased it...

    3. Why'd you delete that, those are good questions! Well, one good question and one very weird question.

      What comic I'd draw?
      Weeeeeeeeeell, obviously, as a comic fan and artist I did have some comic ideas in the past for franchises like green lantern, batman, superman and original series. I have a pretty awesome idea for a green lantern comic that's about a new lantern in the outer rim, an idea that was - at least in name - introduced in the animated series. I'm not gonna talk about that one too much because it's really a good idea imo that works on many different levels.
      A Superman story that's a modern version of hercules' tales, because of obvious parallels.
      Some of my original ideas I believe I have talked about a bit in this blog, one of them I envisioned as a videogame that would work as a comic and one that I thought up several years back, so it still has some leftover bits of teenager shit taste, but it's easily fixable.

      The story I would do first would be That Green Lantern Comic, but for that I would have to work for DC and - what's even harder to accomplish - get my own story approved, so yeah, that's basically impossible for my first ever comic, so I would probably self-publish one of my original ideas on amazon. The style I would go for in writing it would be to defuse tropes with tongue-in-cheek-ness, because that's a rather safe choice.

      To the second question:
      What do you even mean by that? Why should I need to have courage to draw porn? It's not like im the public eye yet.

    4. That's the problem with the second question: the wording... It wasn't suppose to sound judgemental, it was more like asking for advice... All my life I've been drawing, and ever since puberty bitch slapped many many years ago I've always wanted to draw nude and whatnot... But I've been too embarassed, and don't get me I'm not religious or a prude and the such, I just can't... How do you do it? Or maybe, how do you not give a fuck? Wording, wording, wording....

    5. Well, I draw it, basically because of my belief that rule 34 is the thing that all artists share. What I mean by that is that everyone who eventually wants to be an artist at some point in their life started out copying some character that already exists. That's the whole reason most people start to draw, even.
      Rule 34 and fanart are - as stupid as that sounds - very important. Basically, BECAUSE most of it is shitty and amateurish.

      So, yeah, just do it. That's the entire point of what I'm doing. That's why I don't delete my old shitty art and that's what I'm telling everyone.
      Just do it. It's nothing to be ashamed of. Many artists have started off in porn or at least sexual-content-heavy stuff and some big names even try to elevate porn and give it more ground in the industry (see stuff like Alan Moore's Lost Girls).


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