August 21, 2013

The intergalactic adventure continues with some anal fun. (As usual, spot the reference)

Another dimension, another dimension, another dimension.
(The connection is shoehorned in, I'll admit. Still, points for anyone who can make the full connection, I guess)

First off, Astrid won. Congrats.

And since Sha Koon was surprisingly close, at least have her unfinished sketch I made just in case:

Alright. Here's another page:
Yeah. Only that one page for now. sorry.
Next will be anal fisting, covering both fisting and anal play/sex. YAY! (doesn't mean fisting's out forever, of course)

Next next will of course be Bestiality, with which I'll also wanna try to cover animal/pet play and zoosadism, so get yourselves ready for some kinky animal/human lovin'.
It seems you guys want tigress back, too, since bestiality got a few more votes in the last few days.

So, yeah, I'm seeing tigress in bondage and as usual Toph would probably assert herself as top-dog.
I don't know yet, if I should bring in Astrid before or after the bestiality scene.
Also, I noticed I have both zoophilia and bestiality in the poll (and while they are different on the basis of the animal's consent there's not really a reason for both to be there) so, whoops,  I guess. :|

Since you want Tigress so bad, here are two sketches I found lying around:

Also also, Kat and Paz:

Also also also, last song reference was (obviously) The Past and the Pending by The Shins.
I think I'l make this a thing from now on. I've always had lots of obscure references in my posts, so why not?
From now on I'll reference a song in every post that has something to do with the post. Just for funzies.
(I won't literally write the song's name in the title anymore, either)

So that's it for tonight.


  1. I'd rather you don't follow that characterization for Astrid.

    Disclaimer already covers that in his HTTYD works, and I rather see Astrid dominant of others for a change.

    That said, I do love seeing her pleasure the dragons.

    1. Yeah, I like disclaimer's stuff. Well The content at least. Sadly, the artwork isn't always as good as the content. And sometimes in the sketches I have no idea what's going on.

      But, yeah, I guess I could go for diversity.
      Then again, fanon is a very powerful thing and can form a character almost as much as actual canon sometimes. (i.e. Gagala's Kim Possible, Idlecil's Kat Donlan, Tourbillon's Ahsoka, Akabur's Jasmine etc.)
      I don't want to work against disclaimer there. Just like I adopted Idlecil's characterization of Kat and -to some extend- Gunsmoke's Toph from that one minicomic. I didn't really think about it then, but I see it now in retrospective. If anyone just did what they wanted with Toph, if some people made her submissive, some dominant, some prude, some slutty ... then maybe there wouldn't be as much 34 of her. And we wouldn't want that, now, would we?

    2. Extent.
      Also, I forgot DAHR's Gadget.

    3. Just took a look back on disclaimer's gallery. Yeah, I thought there were some sketches that didn't make sense, but looking at them now there's not really any problem. Huh, guess I remembered that wrong.
      Although his earlier works were like a billion times better than his recent ones.
      It's always sad to see an artist go from great to mediocre. It happens all the time and I don't get it.

    4. "If anyone just did what they wanted with Toph, if some people made her submissive, some dominant, some prude, some slutty ... then maybe there wouldn't be as much 34 of her. And we wouldn't want that, now, would we?"

      Talking honestly? I would. For a number of reasons.

      First, I don't exactly like how the repetition of a theme through various artworks can sometimes create a meme. Be it something that grows organically (through a lot of artists finding and enjoying the same theme) or forced (a specific example: if through repetition K-Box's Spider-Man went memetic, I'd kill myself).

      Second, I rather have a handful of varied artwork, than thousands of pictures all following the same theme.

      Astrid doesn't get a whole lot of 34 as is. Disclaimer's work is good, but if it's going to mark the trend for all future Astrid 34, then that's a depressing thought to me. I don't like Astrid not being dominant (I also prefer to see her with Hiccup, but whatevs, dragons are fine too).

      It's like this whole debate over Mass Effect's Tali's canoncal look.

      I happen to enjoy the canon look. It was lazily executed, yes, but lore-wise and conceptually, I like it. That's not to say that I don't also enjoy more alien loooking quarians.

      Except that this one artist did this really amazing picture of what he felt Quarians were like, and now EVERYONE AND THEIR GRANDMOTHER are using it as a "Fuck you" to Bioware and copying it.

      I find that cheap. I'd rather artists came up with more looks.

      So yeah, I guess I disagree with you there.

    5. Oh, and about Toph, I like her character alright, but I find other ATLA girls more attractive/intresting, and Toph is so overexposed, be it in casual conversation or fanart, that I'm actually tired of her.

      But when I'm in a Toph mood, as rare as it is, I prefer pictures that depict her short, with a somewhat stocky, but toned build. Also, I like my Tophs flat.

      Melonlord (big titted Toph) is a depiction that I found tiresome like a week after it was introduced to the fandom (thanks a lot, Morganagod).

      It's not even a size thing, I tend to prefer big tits.

      But as I see it, Katara is the one that should have the big tits. Goes with her motherly personality (also, inuits and cold climates - a nice layer of fat works in their favor).

      Toph should remain flat, but have a body with marked muscles (but not overtly muscluar, as I don't think earth-bending actually requires powerful bodies).

      So yeah, I guess I put more thought than I should in cartoon porn.

    6. You can never put enough thought into cartoon porn.

      I agree that fanon can sometimes turn out different than an individual fan would have wanted, however I stand firmly by my previous statement that it IS a good thing.

      I will think about making her dominant, though, if that's what you want :)

    7. I just want variation in a subject I enjoy.

      Thanks for taking my dumb rant into consideration.

      Astrid with dragons is still something I get behind.

  2. do more astrid x dragons

  3. I really like how Astrid came out on this, I hope to see more of her in the future :)

    Also, that characterization is the best one for Astird in my opinion :D

    1. Thanks. :)
      You will see more in the comic.
      That was the point of the vote.

    2. Hmmm, I rather do agree with the comments about people wanting Astrid to be more "dominant" But I don't see her that way. She seems to have a tough girl attitude but in the shows, she always refers to Hiccup for her decisions. He is the leader and I bet he would be the leader in bed too.

      I'll be honest. I think you already have your "dom" character in there which would be toph. why not add astrid as a sub?

  4. astrid is the best, go with the charecterization

  5. astrid pic was the best
    what was the green spiky cock
    if it was a nadder it should be blue

  6. Just Came Across your Blog. This is a really good picture! Love me some Slutty Astrid! I like how you and Disclaimer Draw her. You should totally do more of her.

    1. Thanks. There WILL be more in the future.

    2. Cool man, I will continue to keep looking back on your blog. Though if you don't mind explaining it to a new guy. What is going on in the comic? Is this blog like where we vote and we see what happens next because that is very cool. Does the comic have an overarching story or just whatever fetish wins? I'm just curious.

    3. It doesn't really have a story. That is, none that I prepared. I'll just have to see how things turn out in the end and I will wrap it up then, but that's still far ahead. Yes, the fetish that's on the top of the poll will be done first (or at least I'll try to do it that way. Of course I still want to maintain at least a little bit of sequitur, I can't just jump from one thing to another every page).
      Basically, if you can't make out what happens on the first pages (which is understandable) random females from cartoons and other media are stranded in this weird place where sexual desire manifests itself in the world. Basically it's just an excuse for porn with no real plot or anything.

  7. hey Porn with no plot is OK in my book! And as long as Astrid is a little submissive slut in your future works, I'll be happy! Maybe I'll even request some Astrid if I win your little lottery.

    But yeah dude I love your style, it's really unique looking, it's got some western and a little of eastern influence. It's great and not generic looking at all. And I'm having to look at my self because I usually hate furries but your Tigress stuff is really hot...I'm conflicted lol


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