March 19, 2013

She changes her mind

Clever title? Yes? No? You decide.
Also, Hypno's Lullaby. You're welcome.
But to make up for that, if you watched the linked video or know it already, I'd like to point you people to this game I really liked which has been on the list of links to the left for quite a while now which I JUST NOW noticed didn't link properly and which is also mind control related.
'Speccially since I'm not actually a fan of mind control and hypnosis. I just think it's lame.


  1. Fifteen men have tried.
    Fifteen men have failed.
    Till in the depth of their minds they wailed.

    Sorting through their watches of gold,
    Making the cold metal ready to swing.
    Looking for a mind to mold,
    Only to find nothing.

    Watching as they fell to the ground,
    I stood and laughed aloud.
    They toil and focus at all around,
    Yet they always stop to stare at a cloud.

    They grew mad and angry,
    They wanted a trophy.
    Unstable in their fury,
    But all they got was.....

    Yes, I suck at poems. Never was my strong suit; but writing a story, that I can do!

  2. Another cliffhanger...

    You know how to leave us wanting for more...

    Awesome pages by the way...


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