March 14, 2013

bleh, got a headache...

Keep those eyes shut, clem. (heh :D) (Also, yes, it's supposed to look funny. It doesn't, well, shucks.)
What I got for you good peeps today is of low quality and quantity.

Buuuuut, I went through my last exam of the (nope, still 3 more to go) last semester and I hope that I'm gonna be able to FINALLY get some work done.
I decided to drop the game grumps animation (surprise! Who woulda thunk!?) and I'll hope the comic helps me have some fun and see my artwork as less of a chore. Because that's what it's supposed to do. It's for my own fun, so no, I'm not gonna draw less sketchy. suckiiit :D

Srsly tho, I'm sorry, guys. I'll try to improve myself.


  1. That cliffhanger...

    Can't wait for the next ones...


  2. If you are still having headaches, I would advise a visit to the doc. If not,
    Carry on.
    That is all....


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