September 19, 2012

Moxxxi - a collab set

As promised, here is the little Borderlands collab set I did together with buttfish based on the Knoxx addon's graffiti quest in time for Borderlands 2. I will have to wait for the game because I am germanderp, of course, but I hope you guys will be able to enjoy it. I will probably do the Bloodwing 34 tomorrow and then I'll abandon art for some time with the speed of someone who finally gets his hands on his ultimate loot chest. You're also probably wondering about the teen titans minicomic. I will finish that one in full colour and I will get to it as soon as I get bored of playing borderlands 24/7 and calm down to a ... let's say ... a survivable 10 hours each day. :P


  1. Wow, nice collab work! BL2 is great fun- Can't wait to see what other work you might come up with after playing it!


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