September 14, 2012

Bloodwang(yes that's a bad pun)

Soooooooo... It turns out in Borderlands 2 Bloodwing is female. Expect something on that from me. ;)
Maybe I'll do a stream later today, but I can't say for sure.


  1. I can not wait. While I would be willing (Take note, this is about your poll) to pay 20-30$ for your art, I just don't think you will attract to many people if you charge that much. 10-20, in these times, will get you people and money.

    1. Cool. Nice to see a few people would pay at all. :D
      But I'm still not fond of the idea to do commissions, maybe I'd rather go to one of those internet marketplaces for artists and writers and apply for a position as a comic/webcomic artist or something like that. I heard they get much more even for b/w, like 50 bucks a page. And maybe the added bonus of actually getting that comic off the ground (although that would mean I'd need to tag along and stay consistent, so that might actually be a problem xD).
      But so long as I don't need the money I won't do jack anyway.


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