July 05, 2012

I would like to divert your attention from the massive failure of my last post but I got nothing to show.

So instead have this awesome Flash giving you the thumbs up that everything will be A-Okay.

I also started listening to the aquabats casually. Not Bad. Although I always get depressed listening to poppin' a wheelie, because I never popped a wheelie. D:
I still don't know where to get the show, but I guess I wouldn't like it anyway, because from what I get it's live action and their live action music videos like fashion zombies arent that great either. I would like a cartoon like the Aquabats! Supershow! sneak priview with an evil lauren faust bitch unicorn and funny shit like that, but whatever, I can't watch it anyway.

Their music kinda makes me wanna animate someone ska... ing? Whatever dancing to ska is called. someone funny, like Batman or Rorschach or some other grim and/or serious character.

But not right now. I don't even have time to work on my other projects.
Let's talk about one shall we?

I already "released" that info so I guess it's okay to talk about. (Releasing info? That almost sounds professional! Well, trust me, with me it isn't. :D)

I'm working on a Collab with another artist for a very small set of Borderlands pics which we will post in time for the release of Borderlands 2. I'm gonna love that game so hard.

My other "project" would be a little bit of involvement in an h-game, but you guys wouldn't be interested, it's a German game. There are a few viewers from Germany visiting this block according to Google, but there's not that many. (about ten % of all clicks)

Oh, also did this for a drawthread a few days back. Not my fetish, but whatever.

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