July 04, 2012

Bethesda, no wait. Bioware! Same thang eh? amirite? eh? awww yea

First off, I have no idea what I'm talking about. EVER. So don't listen to anything I'm saying ever. 

People, I know you don't care, you just wanna see my crappy art. But you're not in charge. Now give me all your money and I'll stick your head up your arse and sell it to you as a yoga exercise.

Yes, I'm angry again.

Not because the ending sucked. Nooooo. Not anymore. My hatred has crept far deeper than that by now. Even though this game officially had the worst ending of any video game ever (based on the fact that this is the first incident in the history of videogames the creators of a game had to change the ending due to the complaints of the fans) that's not even why I'm pissed off. No.

Here's what happened:
I read the new ending was supposed to be in the game now, so I shoved the thing in the PS3 raeging all the way.
I noticed my galactic readiness was back at 50% ... OH RIGHT, OH JOY, I FORGOT ABOUT THAT!! (By the way, creators of pummeling-my-balls-til-I-puke 3, "Single Player mode" is a concept I thought noone could EVER misunderstand. You managed to do that. Congratulations, you get a coupon for 1 (one) free fart in the face.) (I wanted to get the bonus scene tho, because I didn't get it the first time.)
So after I stuttered my way through your servers in hopes of getting this done quickly and bugging and lagging around so much and getting so pissed off at you actually having the balls to charge people for the upgrade packs obviously assuming your whole product was worth more than you take for those packs I was close to melting my dick off with acid I finally got my readiness to 100% and my rating to 7000-something. So I tried again to play the ending.

Yep. Nothing happened. Not even the "shepard's alive" scene. Nothing. And what's best is, I just wasted a whole day half a week before exams and I didn't even start studying yet. Or I could have worked on some art. I was also kinda wanting to just go out and hang around town. This could have been a day well spent, but instead it made me want to empty my bowels on someone.

I know you wouldn't even care if you'd read this, but I hate you and everything you stand for. Not just for ME3. You've always been a moneygrubbing collection of douches. You're hurting video games as an artform and are ultimately partly responsible for shit games in general.


  1. ?? 1. I think u mean Bioware ^^

    2. Did u install the DLC first? Otherwise u wouldn't have the EC Ends

    3. The Ends are acceptable after all control and synthesis are now far more better than destroyending and if u hate all 3 of them just shoot at Starchild and doom the whole universe for it ^^

    4. I like ure Art but when it comes to ME3 u kinda overreact :P

    5. Ok Maybe it's just the issue that u play it on PS3 after all. PC is fine even with some bugs after all.

    1. Aww man, I failed so hard.
      Of course I meant Bioware. Don't get me wrong, Bethesda sucks too, what with all that skyrim furfaggots runnin around. :D

      Awww, maaan.

      But yea, I installed the free dlcs. I'm not gonna pay them fuckin money. I just wanted to get it over with yknow. I didn't check where to get the thing because I'd never pay them money for it anyway.

    2. I still think that they're harming videogames as an artform.

    3. Well even with the Extended Cut Version there are enough things to complain about the ending but after all it is much better than before and when u do not mention the end alone i would say ME 3 is realy great. Rannoch for example is an epic chapter on the one hand and Tuchanka on the other hand too. Would anyone say ME 3 is bad when he think about that?

      When it comes to money I am the type of guy who just pay for things he realy like. In ME 2 for example i payed for the dlc missions and the weapon pack but not for such stupid things like alternative outfits. Well i can say i did not regret it. Multiplayer DLCs I would buy when they have new game mods like Deathmatch or S&D but i didn't pay for some stupid stuff like packs, Maps or new Weapons.

      In my opinion I feel fine with Bioware after all and i was one of the guy who realy hate the ME3 End ;)

      Hey i have an idea why u do not honor Marauder Shields ^^ The Hero of ME 3 before EC. The One who wanted to save us from the bad ass ending. The last enemy standing. The end boss of ME 3 XD


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