May 09, 2012


Things that are stuff:

- Cloudy Jane should totally be a recurring character on the regular show, am working on a slightly animated 34 of her Mordecai and Margaret.

- "Frobisher says" is awesome, gonna make 34 of it I think. Don't smile to the badgers!

- Played the Skull Girls demo.... mixed feelings. I feel like I SHOULD buy it, but I don't actually want to play it, because the characters have like no moves and there's so few of them and they're all centered around this skull-girl theme so they actually play very similar. I totally appreciate the artwork and music and the sexualness of it all. Also the popeye girl is just perfect. But I don't think I'd play it, even if I had the time right now.

- I wanna quit the Adventure Time adventure as soon as possible. I'm just not getting any views. Noone cares and it's a shitload of work and just overall inefficient. It's even worse than with askSandyCheeks.

-  Had a dream of an awesome post-apocalyptic videogame story. Maybe I'll share some of that sometime. Main character is a 19 y/o chick in a world like ours if we had some kind of apocalyptic worldwar right now, but I guess it's not earth. Haven't thought about that yet. she lives under a city in a widespread bunker system and pretty much just tries to survive, but she gets pulled into a gang conflict. The population is like 95% male and there are gangs fighting over the women. That background story is what makes this special, since the enemies aren't just trying to kill you. Instead of pure rpg combat you'd have to run away or infiltrate stuff. Sneak around. stuff like that, all that in an rpg like fallout. I really like this idea.

- I just now remembered I wanted to draw a comic of a scene in this video (NOPE, THIS VIDEO! UGGGGH, STUPID!!)of some guy talking about him not knowing what he's talking about featuring the epic wolverine-gryphon vs ninjasquirrel murder death battle.

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