April 30, 2012

100 sketches? Nope.

So that artist 'InCase' did that thing and now I'm gonna copycat and do it, too. Except I'll be all slow-like and I won't do 100 sketches. More like 10.... at best. My theme is underrage (yeah I spelled that word right, problem? All of these girls are 18 years or older.) Wanna have the link to the reference pictures, you say?
 You're a pervert, those girls are someone's DAUGHTERS! Granted, their parents are the ones fucking them, but *pbththpptthhbbbtthbthhbhhphhth*
Anyway, tracing sure makes your art look less crappy!
Tracing rocks the fucking house! :D

Also, enjoying the fuck out of my playlist with my new Monster beats wireless. Those things are orgasmic I tell ya, ORGASMIC!!


  1. And yet, you still have not gotten this feeling like there is a government or a multitude of them somewhere saying "I'm watching you."


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