September 01, 2011


So, I bought Rio on Blu-Ray and watched it and I have to say .... decent movie, but not THAT good. (What really bugged me was that the musical scenes weren't long enough, or rather, waaaaay too short.) But what makes this movie interesting enough for me to blog about it is that it's practically begging for some 34 of it and there's almost no 34 of it out there, so, yeah, that's where I pitch in. I think I'm gonna make a nice Rio pic or two before continuing with the comic. If you got any more movies or series or anything with dubiously hot scenes that aren't getting enough attention in your opinion, let me know thru the comments. thx. :D


  1. Angelique the fox from Rango is not getting enough attention. Maybe cuz she was only in the movie for 5 seconds... but that's really no excuse!!

  2. Haven't watched Rango yet, I wanted to buy it, but there's no 3d version on amazon.


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