August 31, 2011

Page twentyone

21. Last few pages looked a bit ... shitty. xD And even the script was bad. Maybe I'm just exhausted, I'm opening a poll to determine if I should take a short break, like, 2-3 days or so.

PS: Okay, I think it's just page 20 that looks incredibly shitty, I'll just split that one later into 2 pages to stretch it a bit and make it at least readable. xP
It's my first attempt at a 34 comic after all and writing that stuff proves to be a bit of a kerfuffle. :D


  1. Please, take a break but not a permanent break.

  2. A break?! Fine we'll allow it. Just don't get too confortable though, we expect top notch porn from you when you get back! Seriously dude, you dont need our permission, take a break, clear your head, enjoy whatever is left of summer.

  3. Where is the tail?


Here's a number for ya. Pretty low innit? Wanna help make it bigger?