September 26, 2011

page fourtytwo

42. Regardless of you guys hating this version I will continue sketching the comic with her, maybe I'll get some of you to reconsider xD


  1. Honest-to-god, her face looks horrible this way.

  2. I just need some exercise in drawing her right.
    I really like this version, I'm sure I just fail at art rather than judgement.

    But there's been so much negative feedback that I'll have to change her design back I guess.

  3. I agree with the negative comments. Look at the last frame... her face is too... there is no word... Tigress-less. We need the old Tigress design.

    else: I hope there will be some Po and Viper... practicing, if you know what i mean. ;-)

  4. super I like especially the exact lines of their very clear and the letters do not swim all the visible and understandable


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