September 27, 2011

page fourtythree

See, that's what the dream version WAS SUPPOSED to look like xD
The version is actually very nice, I just failed as an artist ... miserably.


  1. really want to see continued.You're just a wonderful artist

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Ye this is better.... But why not the regular version? I'm quite not diggin the forward pointing "polisong thingies" But again, its way better than the last 2 images.
    However I cant really relate this tigress to the "real" full out, which sort of "pops" the whole rule-34 illusion. - no offence, I do think its very nicely drawn.

  4. Awesome comic so far ima :-)
    you really draw an excellent Tigress, great work on the actions

    (oral from MT = awesome)


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