February 25, 2015

Ch- Ch- Ch- Ch- Changes!

 Alright, listen up!
Cause there's gonna be some CHANGES made around here!

As rarely as I do post here, all I do everytime is to just dump my steaming load all over the place and leave.
Now that Google's changed their policy on adult content I decided to take that opportunity to change the format of my blog a bit.

First off: I feel like I never properly explained myself and why I do what I do.

I draw rule 34, because of two big reasons (other than the obvious, because come on):

___ (1) ___
I believe that erotica gives artists the best possible way of practice for all the most important aspects of art.

Displaying a moment in time & capturing the beauty of a moment:
Pornography is very dynamic and action-intense.
To be able to recreate the beauty of a particular moment in time, or to capture the essence of the same is one of the most important aspects to creating a picture.
Pornography is all about conveying beauty to the viewer.

Portraying action in a static image:
Conveying action in a two-dimensional, static picture is one of the hardest things to get right in art.
Giving the idea of motion, creating the implication of events happening outside the moment in time you chose to portray and breathing life into the characters in your picture are extremely difficult tasks you can learn by drawing pornography.

Anatomy, figure, form, function and ... Everything:
Pornography is superior to 'clean' figure drawings in pretty much every way.
It encompasses all the aspects of figure drawing (To understand anatomy, form and function, to get a feeling for weight and its distribution and pretty much everything else you can learn in art, including things like composition, as the human body is the basis of most of our ideals of aesthetics) and takes them to the extreme.

That is why I firmly believe that - at least for studying art - erotica is superior to all other choices of content.


___ (2) ___
The reason why I do not simply draw porn, but I draw porn of existing characters is this:

It's what's popular.

By that I don't mean to say that I draw existing characters because I want to be popular.
If that was the case I'd draw Pokemon or other anime stuff.
I'd also not aspire to be an artist if that was the case.

What I mean by it is, that I - and, from what I can tell, most other artists - started to get into art because they wanted to draw Harley Quinn and Batgirl kissing in the nude, or Tifa giving Cloud a boobjob, or *insert own reason here* when they were 14 year old horny little shits.

That is the reason why I try to support the creation of rule 34 as much as possible.
It's a breeding ground for new generations of artists!


So, these are the reasons I draw 34 in the first place, so why not talk about these things in my posts?
No reason, I guess!
So let's change things up around here!

I will from now on write a short analysis to every piece of artwork I post here.
I might also try to point out mistakes on pictures that went real bad or if the picture looks bad, but it's hard to tell why it doesn't work.

So, this is now an educational blog, I suppose.

I wanted to make my first post on here right after writing this, but it's past 1 AM and getting pretty chilly outside the comforting hug and sweat-stench of my bed sheets.

Cya! :)


  1. Somehow, the long, thought-out comment I wrote about this was never posted... So instead I'll simply say, I agree, and that this is nicely written.

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