November 07, 2014


I drew so much I forgot to update!

fetish comic 091
fetish comic 092
fetish comic 093
fetish comic 094
fetish comic 095
fetish comic 096
Yeah, sorry about that.
I hope you followed on patreon.

But since I didn't get all pages I wanted done in time for Halloween, I guess it doesn't matter.
I also did  a stupidsilly Kat comic strip ...
... a picture of Kat at a Halloween party...
... and a picture of Kat studying:
I also finally finished the art trade with ArbuzBudesh on HF:
Oh, and I guess I haven't posted these yet
(although they're not really interesting outside the context of the thread):


  1. Really cool update and great art as always.

  2. I like the way you draw demons. They look so... Demonic

  3. One thing down, a billion others to learn. :)


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