July 07, 2014


First of all:
New pages.
fetish comic 079

fetish comic 080
If you want to get pages earlier and/or get other bonuses, consider supporting me on patreon.
I also made this a few hours ago:
 I downloaded Manga Studio and I did this to get a bit more practice in using that weird-ass program.
I'm not saying it's bad or anything. It does some things quite a lot better than photoshop, including performance efficiency as far as I can tell, which is really useful if you're stuck working on a laptop like I am right now.

Why did I download manga studio?
Well, sadly, here's where this posts title comes in:
I wanted to do another comic on the side based on a /co/ greentext about a rookie in the new republic city police getting rewarded for his first big arrest by a sex-hungry chief beifong.
For that I started another patreon:

Sadly, that one had an even worse start than my fetishcomic patreon.
That is to say it didn't have a start at all.

Oh well, whatever.

PS Plus was disappointing as well this month. The only good game on there was strider, which I bought like 2 weeks ago.
Great timing.
And dead space 3's awfulness made me finally buy lost planet 3.
Guess what, it sucks ass, too.
I know it's a little late to be saying this, but if you liked lp2, don't assume you'll like lp3.
They straight up copied dead space with it.
And usually, that's fine with me! Capcom copies games all the time and makes them better than the originals.
And yes, of course lp3 is better than ds3, but that doesn't mean shit, because ds3 sucks even more than the previous 2 installments of this boring predictable-ass bullshit piece of crap series of anti-scariness.
Lost Planet 3 should have been the pacific rim of video games, but instead it is the sequel of a great movie that turned out to be an abomination that completely fucks with the original and should of never been made.
It's boring, it's repetitive and it has NOTHING to do with the glorious, unique and  FUCKING EPIC Lost Planet 2.
And what is it with capcom and nicholas cage, anyways?
So weird.

Seriously tho, if you haven't played Lost Planet 2 because it went under your radar, like all of capcoms best games, go get it NOW! It's pretty much as good as a (non-borderlands-type) coop game can get and the multiplayer is/(was? I don't know how many people still play it) one of  the best I've ever seen, period.
It's fucking amazing, you fight giant monsters who bleed glowing orange blood with mechs and on foot, the controls are as good as they get, everything has weight, but nothing moves too slow or anything, it's fucking tight as fuck.
Go get it.
But don't get lost planet 3, because the intro is pretty much the best part of the game so far (I'm probably about halfway through) and I can just link you to a youtube vid for that.
Instead, look at this fucking shit:
Shit's balls to the walls!

So, yeah. To say I was disappointed would be the understatement of the century.

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