May 19, 2014

Through the fire and flames

Tigress is getting more awesome again.
Fighting dragons with her bare ... claws.

fetish comic 076
I've been avoiding to use that song...

 And then there's even more /co/ stuff.
Antimony_Carver Gunnerkrigg_Court Katerina_Donlan Paz_Cadena_Blanco 34
"... So then I tell her, "You can't suck MY cock, silly, I'm a GIRL!"" "¡Haha!"
Demon_Toph Red_She-Hulk
I fucking love Demon Toph.
Antimony_Carver Gunnerkrigg_Court 34

My computer's dying.
Because of flash.
They keep making it worse every fucking day.
It straight up killed my graphics card and fucked parts of my system. And I think now there's something wrong with my RAM as well, although that might be a coincidence.
I am angry.
Let it die already.
Flash has done good. And I want to love it.
It pretty much MADE the internet as we know it.
I don't want to hate flash.
Please let it die with some dignity.

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