April 28, 2014

OH Yeah. OH YEAH?!


Hello again, friend of a friend.

A few words before I give you the new pages:
As I said last wee... *cough*
As I said before, Fantasy Fiction made me realize that the comic's been kinda boring as shit over last few pages. And that's the exact opposite of what I want!
So I'll fix that with a semi-prepared script that I now have for until page 100.
After that I'll probably take a break from this comic, but that's still so far in the future that I don't really know.
What this means is that the top fetishes on the list will get done and that, even if for some weird reason a fetish rockets to first place, I won't be able to do it during that period.
What it also means is that stuff will be explained and that this first part will end in an actual ending and the following stuff will be a climax.
What this also also means for you is that it's gonna be fucking awesome.
Here you are:
fetish comic 072
fetish comic 073
Oh, and also boobs. I'm awful at drawing boobs, So I'm gonna use this to get better.
So, yeaaaaah, not really Astrid anymore, but seriously, prepare your anuses, Astrid Demon is fucking BAWSSS.

Also, I've been drawing on /co/ quite a bit this week.

Two things. One I won't actually post the pictures of, because I'm still waiting for content from my collaborator-friend-person on that one.
It's aso sfw, so who even gives a shit, rite?
Just kidding, it's gonna be pretty great I trust.

The other thing, however I'm totally gonna show.
So here:
Demon Toph Devilman 0

Demon Toph Devilman 1

Demon Toph Devilman 2

Demon Toph Devilman 3

This red thing is what happens when most of /co/ has had the same waifu for like ten years and gets bored of the same design. However, Unlike Symbiote Toph, I thought this one was actually kinda ... 'cute' (?), even if only for the fact that I did a pic of her and Devilman and I saw the potential for good 34 in that. So expect a continuation of this minicomic in full colour! YAAY!
Oh and I also drew this Frankenstein of of a picture:
bleh bleh bleh bleh!
You wanna know what's wrong with this one? Looks okay, right?
Murdoc Niccals.
You are now unable to unsee.
I'll also use add noise and sharpeing on all comic pages from now on.
Just for your information.


  1. Hello! I find these pages very strange! But it is very interesting direction to take the comic to! I am interested in how demon possessed Astrid or if she was already. Question, Did Astrid feed her mother to her dragons? She put her "wiener" (This is penis correct? this word is too funny. I had to do research into the meaning) but she say her mom also went inside them? Might be my poor English but I don't understand. Anyways, great job on art, it's very detailed with the shadows and such, I like it very much!

    1. The original idea was that she raped her mother, but yours works even better. Let's just go with that: She raped her mother and then fed her to the dragons before raping those. This demon is all kinds of fucked up.


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