January 27, 2014

Terrible feelings are being had, because of all the impending doom and whatnot.

fetish comic 060
I'm never ever gonna be able to make her live up to all that buildup I did... Oh, well.
 They don't wanna go!
 They don't wanna go!
 They don't wanna go!
 But they have to go now!

cum in ruffnut's short hair
They changed her hair back to long in the next episode. What dickheads.

Also regarding Astrid
Wow, this entire post is httyd based
I'm doing a little bit of a project on the side.
Me and disclaimer (maybe), together with a fellow fan will try our hands at a SlaveMaker Astrid slave. She'll have two main paths and it will mainly feature alot of humiliation and such.
I don't have any ETA or anything that I could show you yet, but I don't think it's gonna be too much of a hassle.
After all, disclaimer alone already did like half the amount of artwork we actually need.
Just don't expect anything as fast as, like, tomorrow. :|

Sorry, not much to post today.

This one's obscure, so I'll just link you to the music.


  1. Don't, for even a second, take this as an insult but I think this http://sirartwork.tumblr.com/ right here. I can tell you already do some of this, just thought it might help.

    1. I can hardly take that as an insult;
      I didn't understand a word you were saying there...

  2. Lol srsly Epic Intro for Astrid. Its great. Really Like the Ruffnut shorthair image as well. I like How Fishlegs is lacking in a certain area lol

  3. I really gotta watch the How to Train your Dragon movies and show, so I can enjoy these 34s....

    Funny story, I saw that pic right now on Rule 34, and somehow I knew it was yours, which made me check here to see the post...

  4. Finally Astrid being in the comic. Very nice :)

    Also, great job on the Ruffnut illustration!

    What is this game Slavemaker? Astrid is in it?

    1. http://www.otakubell.com/smw/index.php/Downloading_Slavemaker

      try the torrent

      It's a must-play game, really. I'm surprised you don't know about it.

      I'm going to attempt to make httyd content for the game.
      She isn't in the game yet.


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