May 09, 2013


More stuff ... Also coming up (maybe) there's gonna be even more more stuffs: Toph training a loli-Lin, 34 of Sha Koon, Plo Koon's niece and last but not least I'll try to FINALLY finish the mountain of shit I started and continued to pile shit up on since forever.
(Or at least I'll stop stacking)
Also, I cut the crap with the comic and now use a better brush for the outlines. It's just as fast to draw with, but looks cleaner. Hope you liek.
Also also, don't forget to vote in the poll on the left. Thx.


  1. I've voted awhile ago yet it won't show my vote, can anyone see it?

    1. I voted and it shows mine, but only mine...

  2. yeah, the poll is broken or summin, Iunno what happened there.
    I'm gonna leave it up, tho, because it's no biggie if I don't get all the votes or if the outcome isn't fair or anything.


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