January 31, 2013

We're sooooorry...

Hi. :|

So I haven't posted in about 1 month and still haven't finished one of the commission prizes.

So what, big whoop. (It is a big whoop actually, but let's just forget this month ever happened, okay?)
I got exams to study for (which I'm not doing either, but that's just my problem).

So yeah, I'm reaaaaaaally sorry about all this. Once the first wave of exams is over with (feb 7) I'll have a whole month to make up for that. So here's what's gonna happen: Some more walking dead stuff, a game grumps animation (WOOT? Yeah, that's right. I might not like their opinions on games, but I wanna feel like I belong, so I'm following the trend of animating them. It will be Arin's Penis Song), some loli stuff for my german friends working on that game I might have mentioned somewhere along the lines, and then I'm gonna finish at least SOME of the sketches and unfinished works I always post here but never finish.

What brought me back? Well, obviously I don't wanna study. That, and I wanted to post YET ANOTHER set of sketches I'm probably never gonna finish. It's a comic that I'm just literally making up panel by panel featuring Toph, Katerina Donlan and Master Tigress. It's great fun to draw something more wacky. Here you go:

 Have a nice day!
- Your negligent pal, imaajfpstnfo.


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