December 06, 2012

Sorry, guys.

Sorry for not updating for so long. I'm really fucking busy. Don't know if I can keep it up like this for 3 more semesters. I'm totally 'F''d in the 'A'-hole, dude.

Pfff, whatever, I'm so gonna keep on ignoring the shit out of college. Screw dat noise!

Srsly though, sorry. I should just stop being lazy and concentrate more on what I wanna do and then I'd be able to manage both things at once.

So I'm gonna do a Livestream right now (It's up. It's short, I was too tired after all.) for the Raven picture...
This one:
... and I hope I won't fuck it up like the blowjob one :(.

So, yeah, join me there, there's gonna be music by eptic and lebkuchen and shit and it's gonna be SO much fucking fun. Probably not at all, tho. I do realize a 40 minute stream can get pretty boring without any talking from my side, but I just wouldn't feel comfortable revealing my voice like that.
The streams are mostly for educational and archiving purposes, anyway.
It's just that I'm getting so ronery sometimes, I'd like a few more people to talk to :|

I also might do DAHR's Hermione for shit's and giggles, because I got a huge problem focussing on stuff.
What was I talking about? Oh, yeah, Gingerbread! EFF YEAH GERMAN SWEETS!

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