October 21, 2012

Oh Snap, I forgot ...

I owe you guise an Angel pic. I totally forgot about that up until now when I found some sketches lying around. There were some Toph sketches, too, iffn you want. I'll do a quick angel pic, just gimme a minute, I'll be done in a jiffy.


  1. I kinda figured you would be the first person to create R34 of Angel.. lol..

  2. You know me so well :)
    Maybe a little too well ...
    I'm watching you! ...

  3. Hey man she is older so plz can u make her with like big tits and ass that would look hot js ok btw I love your work plz send me some pics of angel ok at deadspace323@gmail.com

    1. I'm sorry, but I probably wouldn't remember sending you e-mails like that in case I do more Angel 34. :D
      You can just subscribe per e-mail (or feed or anything, really) to my blog, though, if you want (although IO'm sorry right now things are a little bit slow), but I'm probably not gonna do much more angel stuff.
      And, looking at your address, don't even try to get me to do dead space 34. I don't get why people like those boring-ass games so much. :D


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