September 21, 2012

Borderlands 2 awesomeness.

OMG. I just got a TALKING weapon. A TAL-FUCK-ING WEAPON! This is the greatest thing ever.


  1. I wish that game had a shotgun the shot out shotguns that shot out shotguns that it keeps going till you get little dillangers commin out of it.

    1. Your ideas of shotguns sounds intriguing though little thought through. How do the second shotguns fire? How is the shooter himself safe from the barrage of bullets? How would shotguns so small they would fit inside another shotgun fire lethal projectiles at all? Where do you get bullets so small they fit into those mini shotguns? Why is Zer0's sniper tree so much more impossible to play in singleplayer than Mordecai's sniper tree and what's in a name, really?


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