September 26, 2012

A warning and a notice.

I wanna do a master Tigress watersports pic and I think I'm gonna do a stream in about one hour and as always you're welcome to join and I'm gonna announce it in the chat.
So, yeah, if watersports aint your thang please just try to ignore it.
I'm already trying to do more tame stuff as it is to please everyone (cause I'm a pleaser), but sometimes a man has the need to pee and should be granted the freedom to do so whereever and whenever he wants! Imaajfpstnfo 2012!! Vote for the bad guy and make a good decision.
Also, if you don't wanna see this and rather see me doing something else just write in the chat and I'll see what I can do (I DO have alot of work piled up that I should rather do, after all).

1 comment:

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