August 30, 2012

So I watched Brave...

.... god that movie sucked.
I had high expctations for this one, but what the hell, Disney/Pixar? This movie wasn't even interesting enough to keep me from doodling while watching. For those of you who haven't watched it, don't bother: The title is a lie, there's nothing remotely brave in this movie. It's a Shrek ripoff crossover'd with a brother bear ripoff. I thought this one would be great, because the character design for the title character was so nice, but yeah, that's about the only good thing in this movie. I guess the comedy would be nice if you don't know shrek 2 and know that brave's basically the same only more scottish and less everything else. Oh well, have some art:


  1. Gonna have to download it now just to get some character background on this great piece of art, awesome jobb as usual!
    /Might mike

  2. I agree with your critique of the movie. It sucked. Horribly.


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