July 07, 2012

I'm stupid.

Because I waste time when I should be studying. exam in two days and I haven't even started studying. And tomorrow I'll be busy animating the Adventure Time webcomic. Ugh.
But you're here for the art, so let the art commence!

I did study, in a way, just not for my exams, but for my art. I tried copying the styles of 2 pictures (without tracing them of course. I don't do stuff like that.).
Here they are:
Fluffy loli-tigress (looks kinda creepy, but it's not supposed to look sexy or cute. I just wanted to copy the brush from the original)

And, of course, copying the style of the x-23 head shot /co/ is using all the time. This is full working resolution and one layer as usual because I'm an idiot who wants to waste time apparently.
in context
I also started watching Gravity Falls. I kinda approached it cautiosly because, y'know, summerfags and stuff. You can't trust co's opinion on stuff this time of year. But, honestly, it's looking like it's gonna be one of the best shows of the decade (dat intro that looks like Jamie Hewlett's work. It's giving me an art-boner.). It's already better than the whole first season of Korra and I only just watched the first episode. I rank Young Justice a bit higher than Korra, personally, because of 1. dat shitty ending and 2. dat Artemis. And South Park is on the top of my list every year, so it's gonna have trouble beating that. But it's already way better than Regular Show and Adventure Time( well, duh, Regular Show is much better than AT already. The only thing they have to do now is bring Cloudy Jane back and the world will be perfect).

Also you will definitely get a r34 of O'Malleys upcoming "Seconds" after the exam on monday if noone else has uploaded anything on that to paheal by the time, because I want to be the first to do it (as I so often am).

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