June 24, 2012


Why didn't you guys remind me I still haven't continued the teen titans minicomic?!
I've got the sketches lying around here, I found them cleaning up the place. They were right under the sketches of a sfw minicomic featuring PG and that new heroine with the same name who's wearing a costume that looks like some kind of dr. fate 63 without the helmet.

Yeah her new design sucks ass.

So I drew that minicomic of PG with the boob window making fun of her new costume.

DC should really stop trying to pander to women. Or at least not fail so horribly at it. Feminists don't read comics. And women who do read comics don't want to see emancipation, they want to see batman. naked. Now stop screwing up and give PG her boob window back. PG's not a magician, you silly nuggets.

Back to the minicomics ... This post is actually just an update/a tease, because the sketches are pretty bad and I kinda don't wanna show you.

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