May 17, 2012

bleh, lazy...

alright guys, I have two pages of the teen titans minicomic lying around, but I'm too lazy to scan them in. I also bought a movie - Ronal the Barbarian - .... .... .... I don't know whether to like it for actually managing to make sex-jokes funny or to hate it, because of having them to begin with (and also for the crappy live rendering level of animation, only one language on a blu ray (srsly, what the fuck, not even english!? I hate german!) and no real extras). I am still deciding whether to like this movie or not, but that doesn't keep me from drawing another mini comic. This one will feature the two main characters fighting(both featured in the link above: the hothothothothot redhead and the wimpy blond dood Ronal), because punching women is wrong if they don't want it, but awesomely hot if it's in the ring.

Also, I'm not gonna draw the frobisher pic. I had an idea of the creator of frobisher catching him fucking the women from the badger game, Tom Kelly or summin I think was his name Roger Kelly, but I don't know how he looks like, so, yeah.

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