March 10, 2012


God, ME3 was stupid. I mean, I really liked the gameplay, but the story - especially the ending - was just retarded. And here I was actually TRYING to like this game, but once again I have been deeply disappointed. I don't know why games like these always sell that well. Maybe it's because most of the people are idiots, obviously, one of them being me, maybe it's all but a brilliant little scheme by the video industry, [SPOILER] maybe it's some pure-energy entity's plan to wipe out sentient lifeforms for no logical reason whatsoever, because it somehow believes that although organic and synthetic life are both forms of life they at the same time aren't really the same and that this always would lead to war. And that that war would be a problem, whilst the complete annihilitation of all sentient beings in the galaxy isn't. And that same pure-energy lifeform seems to also have some kind of affection to tragic and drama because it seemed to have been railroading the martyr death of the main character giving him 3 options to die. But that tiny bit of drama is not enough to make up for the failed drama that COULD have happened to the fleets or to the rest of the crew. You see the fleets ariving and shooting for a few seconds and that's it, all the characters who carry a bit of importance are basically not at all involved, noone you care about dies in a tragic way, nothing happens, everything is really boring, every chance at tear-jerking drama is missed, not a single wet eye in the room. The logic behind this whole thing is unexplainably far beyond stupid.[/SPOILER]
Once again I tried to be open to the 'poplar games tier' and once again I have been disappointed. I had to experience  Assassin's Creed and now Mass Effect, I will NOT buy any other of those shitty best sellers.... is what I said after AC, but I did it anyway and I spent time playing that game that I should have spent on studying (I wouldn't have, but I really really should).
(PS3 only bestsellers are excluded of course. Although Metal Gear Solid 4 was pretty stupid, too. But srsly, just take a look at the Playstation only franchises, you really can't go wrong with those. Even MGS4 was only partly stupid.)

And I really liked ME2, but ME3 was just bad.


  1. Have you gotten to the point where you had to choose between Tali and a quariens or Legion on the geth? Until then, you don't know. Damnit, I lost a friend(as the story goes)that day. No tears my ass. Besides, I haven't finished the game and I'm inclined to believe you did not as well.

    1. Legion just sacrificed himself for the peace between quarians and geth.
      And I actually liked the deaths of Legion, Miranda and especially Mordin. I don't know to what extend those deaths were caused (or could have been avoided) by your karma, I was playing full paragon. The thing is, the ending was crap and meaningless and could have been so awesome. They just blew it and that's what really get's me angry.
      They had the chance of their lifetime, they BUILT UP the story for one epic finale. It could have been the sci-fi version of the LOTR trilogy in terms of epicness, but the blew it with the mental retardation of a thousand stars. Patrick Star, that is. That sentence wouldn't have made any sense at all otherwise.

    2. Don't finish the game, it only gets worse from that point on.

      Why can't more karma games be like inFamous or Bioshock?

    3. Man, inFamous and Bioshock...
      I mean, those games, really, those games, srsly, man, dude, listen, I'm srsly, those games, y'know...

    4. I also don't like the concept of the decision wheel, where you always know which answer is good and which one is bad, you don't get any hard decisions, because you know already which path you wanna follow. Unless you'd like to play kinda neutral, but then that path should be rewarded, like, not only karma based, but also intelligent decisions getting rewarded in the end, but that is not the case.

  2. Hmm I think the problem of ME3 isn't the Story couse it is a great epic adventure til the end of the Game. I laughed about those jokes between the charackters. I cry allways when Mordin, Thane and even Legion die. But most of all i feel just epic in moments like the healing Sequence of the Genophage or the hole Rannoch mission. So the Story is not the problem but the end is. Bioware even announced they think about that problem and maybe they will change it for our sake.


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