February 17, 2012

Ugh, Guh, Freakin IDIOT!

ugh, I'm stupid. I did it again. One might think I'd learn someday, but no.
Here's what I did: I started working on the daily show pic and decided to trace this one off a screenshot for easy 34 get (I know, I'm horrible), but I didn't change the resolution of the screenshot. So I painted the thing without noticing that the resolution was still shitty and now I can't work on details or use sharpening properly (which I've been using far too much lately anyway). And I don't want to practically redo the whole thing with a higher resolution (Just an excuse for me being lazy and playing video games all day). Now I kinda don't wanna work on it anymore for today, and tomorrow I'll be working for my AT blog. I wonder if I should even do it at all.Should I? Maybe I'll do one of the Korra pictures. Oh yeah, I really should work on that CoC picture I promised that guy. Fuck this shit.

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