February 27, 2012

Two things ...

First: why is there no Borderlands 2 34 yet? I would draw some but I don't have the time because of ...

... Second: I bought Mass Effect, even though I didn't want to, but the demo got me. I was sure it would be Assassin's Creed  all over again (Ubisoft you fucking assholes, because of that I'm not gonna buy Rayman now! And I loved Rayman!), but it wasn't. Mass Effect is - and I really hate to admit that about an xbox game -simply amazing. I loved it. I finished it in like 2 and a half days. But at the end I couldn't get Miranda to stop being a bitch even with full 100% hero mode paragon like a boss. She died. And Kasumi died for no reason whatsoever. Now I kinda want to play the game again so as to not have 2 dead characters in that savegame (I don't even know if that would be imported in ME3 but I just kinda hate the thought of Kasumi being ded, she was always so nice. Miranda is a bitch anyway so I don't care about her. Now I wanted to play the game a second time, but if I'm gonna do that I could just as well get all the trophies. So I start the game in insane difficulty to get the trophy for that and I can't last a second without dying. And I need three headshots with the sniper to kill someone with all their shields down. It took me like 3 to 4 hours to just recruit garrus and mordin. Now I don't know what to do. I couldn't possibly finish the game at this rate.

enough with the fucking reading - have some art stuff n shit I did in todays Korra thread:

Lonely Island parodies:

 ... and Techno Wang:

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